How do I ensure that alarms and QoS from a remote hub reach the primary hub?


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After adding a new hub to my infrastructure, how do I ensure that alarms and Quality of Service (QoS) messages from the new hub are received by the primary hub?



After adding a hub, you must setup the data flows so that alarms and/or QoS flow from the new hub to the hub supporting the NAS (destination hub).Using the NMS Manager, launch the configuration tool for the new hub.Add a static definition specifying the address of the destination hub.Apply this change.

  • Select the Queues tab -> queues tab and right click  -> New to open a queue properties box.
  • Click Active. Enter a name (such as the name of the destination hub),
  • Select the type of queue you want to set i-e 'post'  or 'attach'. (Note: If using'attach' then you will need to create a 'get' queue on the receiving hub.)
  • Set the Subject field. Use 'alarm' for alarms and 'QOS_MESSAGE,QOSDEFINITION' for QoS messages
  • If you are using 'post' queue, select the Address of destination hub.
  • Click OK  and apply.
  • This will startup a queue which you can see in the hub's status tab. This will cause alarms to be sent to the destination hub.


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