Where are my alarms from cdm?
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Where are my alarms from cdm?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



Where are my alarms from cdm?


CA UIM 7.6 or later with GA version of CDM probe


There are several things that could potentially cause this, such as the probe configuration not allowing the creation of alarms or maybe the alarms are generating, but they're being processed before you see them. 
So, first let's check to verify if alarms are being generated. There are 2 things to check: 
1) Set the loglevel on the cdm probe to 5 (you'll probably want to increase the log size as well). Let the probe run for enough time to generate an alarm - this will depend on the probe configuration. Then, in the log, search for entries "CheckDiskAlarms" and see if the probe is making a connection to the hub and writing data to it. 
Like this: 
cdm: CheckDiskAlarms 
cdm: Disk [02] - disk=C:\ val=27507(40857)MB avgfree=33% 
cdm: ciOpen - cache path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\niscache 
cdm: nimSessionConnect - host =, port = 48001, secWait = 15 
cdm: sockConnect - to host, port 48001 
cdm: CONNECT: 0000000001A180B0(732)> 
cdm: ciPostMessage - alarm 
cdm: sockWrite: first 20 bytes of buf = <nimbus/1.0 217 542 
2) Open Dr. Nimbus on the Hub (this is an invaluable tool when troubleshooting these types of issues). Perform these steps: 
i) Open Dr Nimbus 
ii) Create a new Message Sniffer 
iii) Subject = alarm 
iv) Robot = <the robot name of the system in question> 
v) Probe = cdm 
vi) Click the Green 'Start' button 
vii) Let this run for a while - it will list ANY messages that come into the hub that is an alarm from the cdm probe on that robot. 
At this point, we should know if messages are being generated. If they are not, then we need to either look at the probe configuration or determine if there is a problem with the probe (ensure you are using the latest version of the probe). If we can see messages generated, but they are not in Alarm Console, then: 
3) Check for any Auto-Operators in the nas probe that might be modifying these alarms and thus keeping them from your view. 
4) Check for any Pre-Processing rules in the nas probe that might be modifying these alarms and keeping them from your view. 


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