How to enable the "Edit Monitoring Templates" on USM


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Why I can't enable this using the methods on the documentation?
This is due to SOC (Service Oriented Configuration) being disabled.
What did we do?
We disabled SOC for new installation (7.0 and afterwards) and for upgrades to an installation that never used SOC before.  Customers that are existing SOC customers should continue to see SOC.  We will continue to ship SOC in this default disabled mode until we bring out a replacement for the SOC functionality.
There's anyway to enable SOC again?
While we do not recommend enabling SOC for new customers or for existing customers, there is a work around to re-enable SOC.




1)      Run the following query to insert a row into cfg_template:

insert into CFG_TEMPLATE values ('Test Template', NULL, NULL, NULL)


2)      Run the following query to get any template_id:

select * from CFG_TEMPLATE


3)      Run the following query to get any grp_id:

select * from CM_GROUP


4)      Run the following to connect the template to the group:

insert into CFG_GROUP_TEMPLATE (grp_id, template_id, template_order) values (<grp_id>, <template_id>, 0)


5)      Restart the USM webapp.


6)      Reload USM in the browser


Component: CAUIM