Manager FQDN lookup failure alarm in NSX Manager
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Manager FQDN lookup failure alarm in NSX Manager


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VMware NSX Networking


Title: Alarm for communication.manager_fqdn_lookup_failure
Event ID: communication.manager_fqdn_lookup_failure
Alarm Description

  • Purpose: The purpose of this alarm is to inform the user that the DNS lookup failed for Manager node's FQDN when the publish_fqdns flag is set to true.
  • Impact: When the publish_fqdns flag is set to true, transport nodes should be able to access an NSX Manager using its FQDN instead of IP address. However, this alarm indicates DNS lookup failed for the specific manager node with the given FQDN.


VMware NSX-T Data Center


Steps to Resolve
For 3.1.0 and higher

  1. Assign correct FQDNs to all Manager nodes and verify the DNS configuration is correct for successful lookup of all Manager nodes' FQDNs.
  2. Alternatively, no longer use FQDNs by invoking the NSX API PUT /api/v1/configs/management with publish_fqdns set to false in the request body. After that calls from Transport nodes and from Federation to Manager nodes in this cluster will use only IP addresses.

Maintenance window required for remediation? No