Alarm for NSX application platform metrics high/very high disk usage.
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Alarm for NSX application platform metrics high/very high disk usage.


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Event ID: nsx_application_platform_health.metrics_disk_usage_very_high
Added in release: 4.1.1
Alarm Description
  • Purpose: NSX application platform metrics PostgreSQL disk usage is very high which can result in metrics PostgreSQL pods crashing.
  • Impact: The metrics PostgreSQL pods will go in a crash loop if its out of disk space.
  • Cause: The scale of incoming metrics is high and the disk space needed to maintain these metrics is not sufficient.


VMware NSX-T Data Center


  • Maintenance window required for remediation?
  • Steps to resolve:
    The persistent volume claim backing the metrics postgreSQL pods need to be resized.

Follow the steps below:
1. SSH on to one of the NSX Manager Nodes.

2. As the root user execute the following commands:
    a) napp-k edit pvc data-metrics-postgresql-ha-postgresql-0
    b) Change the spec->resources->requests->storage value and save (note this editor operates using the same command structure as VIM).

          Recommendation is to increase the storage by at-least 10Gi.
          Please confirm the datastore backing the worker nodes has enough available space for the increase in the storage.

    c) napp-k delete pod metrics-postgresql-ha-postgresql-0

        NOTE: This is a safe action and is needed for the storage change to take effect.

3. Repeat steps a, b and c for data-metrics-postgresql-ha-postgresql-1