Alarm for uplink is going down in NSX-T Manager.
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Alarm for uplink is going down in NSX-T Manager.


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VMware NSX Networking


Title: Alarm for uplink is going down
Event ID: transport_node_health.transport_node_uplink_down
Added in release: 3.2.0
Alarm Description:
  • Purpose: Monitoring uplink status on Esxi, KVM and Bare Metal Server; Please notice that KVM is unsupported from 4.0.0 release.
  • Impact: Uplink down will significantly impact on connectivity and traffic flow of network.


VMware NSX-T Data Center


Check the physical NICs' status of uplinks on hosts.
  1. In the NSX UI navigate to "System | Fabric | Hosts | Clusters" or "System | Fabric | Hosts | Other Nodes" or "System | Fabric | Hosts | Standalone".
  2. In the Nodes list of specific cluster or "Other Nodes" tab or "Standalone" tab, check the Status column. Find the Transport node with the degraded or down Node Status.image.png
  3. Select "<transport node>| View Details | Monitor". Check the status details of the PNIC/BOND which is reporting degraded or down. To avoid a degraded state, ensure all uplink interfaces are connected and up regardless of whether they are in use or not.image.pngimage.png