Following the TKG cluster upgrade, updates to packages like cert-manager, contour, and harbor. Unable to perform a docker login.
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Following the TKG cluster upgrade, updates to packages like cert-manager, contour, and harbor. Unable to perform a docker login.


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cert-manager partially issued certificates for the harbor package, resulting in connection issues.

From the harbor-core pod, error message, it appears that the issuer name does not match the subject from the issuing certificate.




Following the TKG cluster upgrade and updates to packages like cert-manager, contour, and harbor, you might be unable to perform a Docker login to the Harbor instance (that is deployed as a package)


VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus 1.x


The issue arose due to a cert-manager API version change(v1alpha2 -> v1) introduced during the package upgrade.

After the upgrade, cert-manager should have reissued all the certificates used by the harbor components for internal communication.

However, only the cert for harbor-core was issued, leaving the remaining certificates unchanged and putting harbor in an incomplete state.

Additionally, the certificate specification changed, deprecating the "organization" field in certificates generated by the newer version of cert-manager, leading to a subject mismatch.

For example:

 In TKG 1.4, Subject: O = Project Harbor, CN = harbor-core

 In TKG 1.5, Subject: CN = harbor-core


This is a known issue affecting the Harbor package in TKG1.5. Currently there is no resolution



For any upgrade case involving cert-manager and harbor, please double-check the data age of the certificate and secret for the harbor.

If we encounter a situation like what was observed below, where only the data age of harbor-core is changed:

# kubectl get secrets -n tanzu-system-registry

 NAME                           TYPE                                DATA AGE

 default-token-rhb6q    3    449d

 harbor-ca-key-pair                       3    449d

 harbor-core-internal-tls                   3     14h

 harbor-core-ver-1              Opaque                              6    449d

 harbor-database-ver-1          Opaque                              1    449d

 harbor-jobservice-internal-tls                   3    449d

 harbor-jobservice-ver-1        Opaque                              2    449d

 harbor-notary-server-ver-1     Opaque                              2    449d

 harbor-notary-server-ver-2     Opaque                              2    449d

 harbor-notary-signer                     3    449d

 harbor-portal-internal-tls                   3    449d

 harbor-registry-htpasswd       Opaque                              1    20h

 harbor-registry-internal-tls                   3    449d

 harbor-registry-ver-1          Opaque                              3    449d

 harbor-registry-ver-2          Opaque                              2    20h

 harbor-tls                               3    449d

 harbor-token-service                     3    449d

 harbor-trivy-internal-tls                   3    449d

 harbor-trivy-ver-1             Opaque                              2    449d


please follow these steps to resolve the problem.

  • Delete the following certificates
# kubectl delete certificate harbor-core-internal-cert harbor-jobservice-internal-cert harbor-notary-signer-cert harbor-portal-internal-cert harbor-registry-internal-cert harbor-token-service-cert harbor-trivy-internal-cert -n tanzu-system-registry
  • Delete the following secrets
# kubectl delete secret harbor-core-internal-tls harbor-jobservice-internal-tls harbor-notary-signer harbor-portal-internal-tls harbor-registry-internal-tls harbor-token-service harbor-trivy-internal-tls -n tanzu-system-registry
  • Monitor the reissuing of certificates
# kubectl get certificate -n tanzu-system-registry

Watch the output for more than 10 minutes to ensure that all certificates are reissued. *

  • Delete all pods in the tanzu-system-registry namespace
kubectl delete pods --all -n tanzu-system-registry.

Wait for more than 5 minutes for all pods to become ready.

  • Perform a Docker login/push & pull to verify that the issue is resolved.

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