How to configure owner for system user initiated jobs
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How to configure owner for system user initiated jobs


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VMware Cloud Director


When a tenant user views jobs, which were initiated by system users, you see the owner name displayed as system by default but is configurable.

This article explains how to configure the owner name for the tasks initiated by sysadmins.


VMware Cloud Director for Service Provider 9.x


To configure what tenant users see as the owner for the system user initiated jobs, use the manage-config CMT command to set the vcloud.sysadmin.job.owner property.
Ex: manage-config -n vcloud.sysadmin.job.owner -v OWNER
Note: Replace the OWNER value with the desired value.

Tenant users will then see this new value as the job owner (this change does not require a cell restart), system users will continue to see the username of the actual owner.