Harbor Network requirements
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Harbor Network requirements


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This article explains about Harbor Network Requirements.


VMware Pivotal Container Service 1.x


In a typical harbor installation, it requires 8 subnets at least to start. To customize the container network settings, choose the option Specify customized container network settings. You must specify at least one address pool base and size. The address pool is used when a Docker container starts. The Docker daemon (dockerd) will allocate an IP address to this container; the IP address that is assigned is selected from the address pool.

harbor-app/347a9782-20a2-41c5-a709-33598a28b464:~# docker network ls
NETWORK ID         NAME                                                DRIVER          SCOPE
e490a451c407        bridge                                                 bridge              local
888b4cc3a742        harbor-app_harbor                             bridge              local
a1ba6eeedabd        harbor-app_harbor-chartmuseum      bridge              local
447affff8491            harbor-app_harbor-clair                      bridge              local
27bc9b2dbbe0        harbor-app_harbor-notary                   bridge              local
fab440eac92e         harbor-app_notary-sig                         bridge              local
52205fc20dcb         host                                                     host                  local
8795ca9c374f         none                                                    null                   local

As the Harbor requires at least 8 subnets, the minimum Prefix size should be 27 and above. For more information on subnets, please see the below table:

Additional Information

For more information please refer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subnetwork