Determining the components of VMware Tools installed on a Windows virtual machine
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Determining the components of VMware Tools installed on a Windows virtual machine


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VMware vSphere ESXi


This article provides steps to determine what components of VMware Tools are installed in a Windows virtual machine.


To determine the installed VMware Tools components run this Powershell script:

$computer = "LocalHost"
$namespace = "root\CIMV2"
$componentPattern = "hcmon|vmci|vmdebug|vmhgfs|VMMEMCTL|vmmouse|vmrawdsk|vmxnet|vmx_svga"
(Get-WmiObject -class Win32_SystemDriver -computername $computer -namespace $namespace |
where-object { $_.Name -match $componentPattern } |
Format-Table -Auto Name,State,StartMode,DisplayName
You see output similar to:

Name State StartMode DisplayName
---- ----- --------- -----------
hcmon Running Auto VMware hcmon
vmci Running Boot VMware VMCI Bus Driver
vmhgfs Running System VMware Host Guest Client Redirector
VMMEMCTL Running Auto Memory Control Driver
vmmouse Running Manual VMware Pointing Device

This table lists the components for VMware Tools:

Installation optionMSI parameter NameRequired\Not Required
Memory Control DriverMemCtlRequired
SCSI DriverBuslogicRequired
Paravirtual SCSIPVSCSINot Required
SVGA DriverSVGARequired
Mouse DriverMouseRequired
VMXNet NIC DriverVMXNetRequired
VMXNET 3 NIC DriverVMXNet3Not Required
Filesystem Sync DriverSyncRequired
Descheduled-Time-AccountingvmdeshedNot Required
Volume Shadow Copy ServicesVSSNot Required
Shared FoldersHgfsNot Required
Guest SDKGuestSDKNot Required
Wyse Multimedia SupportWYSENot Required
Audio DriverAudioNot Required
VMCI DriverWMI Performance LoggingNot Required
WMI Performance LoggingDebugNot Required
Vassert SDKVAssert SDKNot Required
Thin Print driverThinPrintNot Required
vShield DriversVShieldNot Required

Note: MSI Parameter names are case sensitive.

Additional Information

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