How to upgrade Harbor in VMware PKS environment
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How to upgrade Harbor in VMware PKS environment


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This articles contains information about how to upgrade Harbor in VMware PKS environment.


VMware PKS 1.x


To upgrade the Habor in VMware PKS environment:

  1. Review the Harbor Release Notes and validate the Supported upgrade path.

  2. Review the Fixes and Known issue information of specific Harbor version and decide the version to upgrade.

  3. Download the Harbor tile and respective stemcell from the Pivotal NETWORK.

  4. Upload the Harbor tile and its stemcell to the Ops Manager.

  5. Stage the uploaded Harbor tile to existing Harbor tile by clicking + icon in the left panel.

  6. Update the Harbor tile configuration settings, if required.

  7. Click REVIEW PENDING CHANGES in Ops Manager and then click Apply Changes.
    Note: Ops Manager will create a new vm with the stemcell, installs the latest Harbor tile and mount data disk on it and migrates all the data automatically.

  8. Review the upgrade status from the Change log section in Ops Manager.