Determining expired vCenter Server and ESXi 6.x and 7.0.x SSL certificates
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Determining expired vCenter Server and ESXi 6.x and 7.0.x SSL certificates


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VMware vCenter Server VMware vSphere ESXi


  • This article provides steps to find expired vCenter Server and ESXi certificates.


VMware vCenter Server 7.0.x
VMware vCenter Server 8.0.x


  1. Check Single Sign-on Token Signing (STS) certificate Checking Expiration of STS Certificate on vCenter Server
  2. Run the following command for your environment:
  • vCenter Server Appliance:In a console window or SSH session to the vCenter Server virtual machine, run the following command:
for store in $(/usr/lib/vmware-vmafd/bin/vecs-cli store list | grep -v TRUSTED_ROOT_CRLS); do echo "[*] Store :" $store; /usr/lib/vmware-vmafd/bin/vecs-cli entry list --store $store --text | grep -ie "Alias" -ie "Not After";done;

  • vCenter Windows: Run the following command usinf POwerShell from the vCenter Server virtual machine console, RDP session or physical device using 
$VCInstallHome = [System.Environment]::ExpandEnvironmentVariables("%VMWARE_CIS_HOME%");foreach ($STORE in &"$VCInstallHome\vmafdd\vecs-cli" store list){Write-host STORE: $STORE;&"$VCInstallHome\vmafdd\vecs-cli" entry list --store $STORE --text | findstr /C:"Alias" /C:"Not After"}
  1. Check the list to see if any of the certificates have expired.
  1. vSphere Web Client: See below for instructions on how to view the certificate from:
  1. See below for information on how to resolve expired certificates.

To check the expiration date on ESXi
  1. Log in to ESXi as the root user using SSH.
  2. Run the following command:

    openssl x509 -noout -in /etc/vmware/ssl/rui.crt -enddate

    You will see output similar to the following
# openssl x509 -noout -in /etc/vmware/ssl/rui.crt -enddate
notAfter=Aug 24 21:48:47 2023 GMT


To renew your certificate, see below.
Renewing ESXi certificates


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    • Before changing the certificate, ensure that you have taken a proper snapshot of your SSO domain. This means that all vCenter Servers or PSCs in the SSO domain must be shut down at the same time, taken a snapshot, and powered on again. If you need to revert to one of these snapshots, shut down all nodes and revert all nodes to the snapshot. Failure to perform these steps will result in replication issues across the PSC database.