Troubleshooting failed VCF lcm-bundle-repo removal.
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Troubleshooting failed VCF lcm-bundle-repo removal.


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VMware Cloud Foundation



The lcm-bundle-repo is removed during the drift bundle upgrade in VCF releases 4.5.1 and 5.x for security purposes. 

  • The /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount on the SDDC Manager will still used to store upgrade/install bundles.
  • Bundles will now be uploaded to the components via API

In some instances the drift bundle will succeed without issue but the lcm-bundle-repo will show inaccessible in the vCenter UI and Host Clients.


VMware Cloud foundation 5.x
VMware Cloud Foundation 4.5.1


  • VMs or templates present on the NFS share. Commonly vCLS VMs are incorrectly deployed to local Datastores. 
  • VMs have ISOs mounted to the CD/ROM from the lcm-bundle-repo from a prior VCF upgrade. 
  • Lockdown mode enabled on the ESXi host 
  • A VM is running on a snapshot that contains pointers to the NFS share (ISO mounted prior to snapshot creation)
  • vSphere HA Heartbeating is configured on the lcm-bundle-repo


  • Identify why NFS share was not removed during the drift bundle upgrade (using the known factors listed in the section above)
  • Rectify issue.
  • Manually remove the lcm-bundle-repo from the ESXi host from the vCenter UI.