Due to Changes in vCloud Director 9.1, Chargeback Manager versions 2.7.2 and 2.7.3 fail to authorize correctly for REST API Calls
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Due to Changes in vCloud Director 9.1, Chargeback Manager versions 2.7.2 and 2.7.3 fail to authorize correctly for REST API Calls


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VMware Aria Suite VMware Cloud Director


As of vCloud Director 9.1 the usage of vcloud-token cookies for API call authorization has been removed.

Chargeback Manager uses API calls to fetch vCloud Director events to process and persist them in the relevant Chargeback database.

While executing an API call using a session object, a session time-out will occur for the current vCloud Director User.
Users will see a response from the API: 403 "Access to resource is forbidden" , when the session time-out occurs.
Because the session we are using is no longer valid, events will no longer be processed by Chargeback Manager.

The Chargeback Manager Installation Path will vary depending on whether the Product was freshly installed or upgraded.
  • Freshly Installed Installation Path: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Chargeback
  • Upgraded Installation Path:            C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vCenter Chargeback

The following errors are seen in the Log:
<Chargeback Manager Installation Path>\VMware Cloud Director DataCollector-Embedded\logs\vCloud-DC_Errors.log

2018-04-12T12:43:10.821+0530 ERROR [eventProcessorTimer] [jobs.EventProcessorJob] 6563: Chargeback API failed exception caught while running com.vmware.chargeback.integration.vcloud.jobs.EventProcessorJob
com.vmware.chargeback.integration.commons.exception.ChargebackApiFailedException: responseStatus=403


VMware Cloud Director for Service Provider 9.x
VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager for Service Provider 2.7.x


Starting with version 9.1, Chargeback Manager is required to explicitly include either the traditional x-vcloud-authorization header or the new JWT Authorization header when authorizing REST API calls with vCloud Director.

A Hot Patch for this is available for the following versions of Chargeback Manager:
  1. Chargeback Manager v2.7.2
  2. Chargeback Manager v2.7.3

The steps to install the Hot Patch involve replacing the existing vcenter-cbm-integration-vcloud-2.7.x jar with the one included in this KB, relative to your Chargeback Manager version.

Please follow the below steps to install the attached Hot Patch jar:

Required path to jar file for Chargeback Manager 2.7.2 and 2.7.3 version:
<Chargeback Manager Installation Path>\VMware Cloud Director DataCollector-Embedded\lib\

To Install the Hot Patch Jar
1. Stop all Chargeback Manager services.
2. Take backup of the original vcenter-cbm-integration-vcloud-2.7.x jar in the correct path for your version which you can find above.
3. Download the attached vcenter-cbm-integration-vcloud-2.7.x jar , ensuring to download the respective jar which is valid and correct for your Chargeback Manager version.
4. Copy this jar to the path used in Step 2 as above.
5. Start all Chargeback Manager services.


vcenter-cbm-integration-vcloud-2.7.2.jar get_app
vcenter-cbm-integration-vcloud-2.7.3.jar get_app