VMware vRealize Hyperic Agent fails to install
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VMware vRealize Hyperic Agent fails to install


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VMware VMware Aria Suite


  • You are using vCenter Automation Center to provision a Windows platform and also to install a vRealize Hyperic Agent on the platform, but the Hyperic Agent fails to complete registration with the Hyperic server.

  • In the agent.log file, you see entries similar to:

    ERROR [AgentDaemonMain] [AgentDaemon@1032] Agent configuration failed:
    org.hyperic.hq.agent.AgentConfigException: Invalid hostname 'WINS10004'. This agent has been configured for 'wins10004'. If this agent has been copied from a different machine please remove the data directory and restart the agent

  • vRealize Hyperic Server discovers a Windows platform in uppercase when provisioned by vCenter Automation Center or vRealize Automation Center.


VMware vFabric Hyperic Agent 5.0.x
VMware vFabric Hyperic Agent 5.8.x
VMware vFabric Hyperic Agent 5.7.x
VMware vRealize Hyperic 5.8.4


This issue occurs as the Hyperic is case-sensitive. There is a difference between what the Hyperic server identifies as the hostname and what the Hyperic agent has identified and communicated to the server. This results in a mismatch of hostname and the Hyperic agent fails to start when the hostname does not match.

For example: HOSTNAME does not match HostName or hostname.


To resolve this issue, add an additional directive to the Hyperic Agent configuration file (agent.properties) which over-rides the discovered value and force the use of the desired host name with the correct naming convention.

To edit the agent configuration file on the windows platform:
  1. Change to the agent_home\bin directory and stop the agent process by running this command:

    hq-agent.bat stop

  2. Change to the agent_home\directory and delete the agent_home\data directory.
  3. Change to the agent_home\conf directory and edit the agent.properties file.
  4. Add the following directive as a new line in the file:

    platform.name=<correct platform name>

  5. Change to the agent_home\bin directory and start the agent process by running this command:

    hq-agent.bat start
  • Verify that the Hyperic Agent starts and retrieves a token from the Hyperic Server.
  • Confirm that the platform name used in the directive matches the desired hostname as presented in the error message.

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