probeDiscovery queue not draining in CA UIM 8.1


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


The discovery_server probeDiscovery queue is not draining properly. probeDiscovery queue is not draining. Messages are building up.


UIM 8.1


Currently the UDM element processing in the discovery server is done serially after the NIS processing. This has slowed down the time it takes the discovery server to process elements. You can try disabling UDM in the discovery server to see if it makes a difference:

1. In Admin Console or Infrastructure Manager, open raw configure for the discovery_server probe.
2. Under the Setup section, add a new section called “udm”.
3. Under the udm section, add a new key called “publish_to_udm” with a value of “no”.
4. After making the change, when DS restarts, you will see the following entry in the DS log file (at log level 3 or greater) to verify it worked:

INFO com.nimsoft.discovery.server.probe.ProbeInitializer - shouldPublishToUdm=false

In the discovery_server configuration file (discovery_server.cfg), it will look like this:

loglevel = 5
logfile = discovery_server.log
expire_time = 30d
publish_to_udm = no

If you change this you won't be able to use the 'new' "Interfaces" views in USM temporarily - so it's not considered a permanent fix, just a temporary workaround for now.

The permanent fix for this is currently scheduled to be addressed in CA UIM (NMS) version 8.2.