Error messages in the Infrastructure Manager messages window


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I installed IM on one of my hub servers and every time I start it I receive error messages:

  • No valid connection with NIS Database
  • Error on command:get_connection_string
  • Communication error on request (get_connection_string)
  • communication error on command:_status
  • communication error on request (_status)



Component: CAUIM


The only hub with database access should be the Nimsoft Server (primary hub). In order to directly access the Nimsoft SLM database the Infrastructure Manager needs access to the IP address of the SQL server on port 1433. The remote hub does not have direct access but you can use Tools->Options in the remote hub IM session to change your IM View to the primary hub.

Select 'Save configuration profile on exit' to save the options settings.

Those messages are totally correct and valid when you are on the remote hub using IM and the options are either not set (set to default) or set to the remote hub's NimBUS address.