Licensing vApps
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Licensing vApps


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VMware Aria Suite VMware vSphere ESXi


This article provides steps to license a vApp (formerly known as VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vApp)).


VMware vShield Edge 1.0.x
VMware vShield App 1.0.x
VMware vCenter Operations Standard 1.0.x
VMware vShield App 5.0.x
VMware vShield Zones 1.0.x
VMware vShield 5.0.x
VMware vShield Edge 5.0.x
VMware vShield 4.1.x
VMware vShield Endpoint 1.0.x
VMware vShield Endpoint 5.0.x
VMware vShield Zones 4.1.x


To license the vApp (formerly known as VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vApp)):
Note: Before proceeding, ensure that you have installed the OVA.
  1. In vCenter Server, go to Home > Licensing.
  2. Click Manage vSphere Licenses located at the top-right corner.
  3. Enter your license for the vApp and then click Add License Keys.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click the Solutions tab.
  6. Select the vApp that you want to license and change the license on the right side to the one you entered and click Next.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Restart the client.

    The vApp should now appear below the license in vCenter Server. If it does not appear, verify if the versions for both the vApp and license match.
If you have an issue with licenses, contact VMware Support.