How can I pull a Robot list from Infrastructure Manager?
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How can I pull a Robot list from Infrastructure Manager?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



How do I export a list of all my robots using Infrastructure Manager?



Component: CAUIM



Open Infrastructure Manager and log in as an Administrator.

Go to Tools menu and select Find



In the Find UI, select Robots from the Find What pull down. Put an asterisk * in the Name: field and select OK 




When the full list populates, click in the list and press CTRL-a to select all, then CTRL-c to copy.



Paste it into notepad, save as a .txt. 


Then open your spreadsheet program, Open file, change type to *.

Import the file as delimited, tab.

Then "Save As" to the correct file format.




Additional Information


On the tools menu, there is a 'find' utility. Select robot, then place an asterisk in the robot name and click OK. It will return a listing of robots.

Next, in the listing window, press CTRL-A to select all of the robots. Press CTRL-C to copy the list into your cut buffer. Now you can paste the list into a spreadsheet (or other document) and then organize the list however you like.

The find utility is very handy for such things.


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