Provisioning an App Volumes AppStack on a RDSH or Citrix XenApp server
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Provisioning an App Volumes AppStack on a RDSH or Citrix XenApp server


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This article provides instructions for provisioning an App Volumes AppStack on a Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) or Citrix XenApp server.
To ensure that AppStack is working correctly in a multiuser environment such as a Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) or Citrix XenApp server, you must use special mode called installation mode to Provision AppStack.
You can switch your RDSH server to the installation mode by using any one of these options:
  • Install Application on Remote Desktop Session Host tool under Programs in Control Panel. This tool will run a wizard to help install the application.
  • Change user /install command at a command prompt. You will have to start the installation of the application manually


VMware App Volumes 2.15.x
VMware App Volumes 2.13.x
VMware App Volumes 2.17.x
VMware App Volumes 2.18.x
VMware App Volumes 2.14.x
VMware App Volumes 2.12.x
VMware App Volumes 2.16.x


To provision an App Volumes AppStack on RDSH server:
  1. Open App Volumes Manager.
  2. Navigate to Volumes > AppStacks > Create AppStack.
  3. Enter Create AppStack information and select Create.
  4. Select the required option and click Create.
  5. Select the newly created, Unprovisioned, AppStack and select Provision.
  6. Select the desired RDSH server and click Provision.
  7. Click Start Provisioning.
  8. Log in to the provisioning RDSH server as an administrator.
  9. Open an elevated command prompt.
  10. Type:

    Change user /install
  11. Install the required application.
  12. Repeat as necessary for desired applications to be included in AppStack.
  13. After completing the application installation, switch back to the elevated command prompt and type:

    Change user /execute
  14. Click OK in the App Volumes prompt on the RDSH server.
  15. Select Yes in the App Volumes reboot prompt and click OK to confirm the reboot.
  16. Log in to the RDSH server and click OK to finish provisioning.
  17. In the App Volumes Manager, select Complete and Complete Provisioning.
The AppStack can now be assigned to the desired terminal server instance.

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