How to rename a hub
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How to rename a hub


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What is the procedure to rename a Hub in UIM?


UIM 9.x or later


To rename a hub, follow these steps:

1. Use the Nimsoft Service Controller to stop Nimsoft on the machine in question.
2. Edit the hub.cfg and change the hubname = <hubname> line to reflect the new desired hub name.
3. Edit the robot.cfg and change hub = <hubname> and hubrobotname = <robotname> as well.
4. Clear the folder: ($NIMSOFT_HOME)/nimsoft/niscache/
4. Restart Nimsoft using the Service Controller.

Additional Information

Hub rename requires a cold start of the hub: stop Nimsoft service and then start it back up.

Name Services entries for this renamed hub in Primary's hub might be recreated.

In the event that probes on the newly renamed hub show red-lock icon, right-click the probes and select Security->Validate.

If 'origin' on hub was not set and the hub's name was being used as 'origin' then you have to update S_QOS_DATA table using SLM tool to reflect your new hub name.

Please also see the KB article on validating probes with the PU command:
KB47923 : Is it possible to re-validate a probe via the PU Command?

NOTE: Any queues / configuration pointing to the old hub name will need to be manually changed.