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How to use the Probe Utility Command Line (PU) to change configuration file settings


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The Probe Utility (PU) command line utility may be used to change the value of a keyword=value setting in a configuration file. After changing the value, you must then cause the configuration file to be re-read by the probe. The Probe Utility(PU) command allows you to run probe commands from a DOS prompt.


Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) - all supported versions. These instructions are for Windows.


PU COMMAND Syntax to set a keyword value pair:

C: \Program Files\Nimsoft\bin\pu -u administrator -p pwd controller probe_config_set {probe} {configFileSection] {keyword} {value} {lockid} {robot}


{probe} = the name of the probe, such as "nas"
{configFileSection] = The fully qualified name of the configuration section, such as "/auto_operator/definitions/Email"
{keyword} = The keyword contained in the configFileSection, such as "active"
{value} = The value you wish to set the keyword to, such as "yes"
{lockid} = ""
{robot} = The fully qualified name of the robot to operate on, such as "/Enterprise/department/robot"

Here is an example of pu command to update the "active" flag to a value of "yes" for the auto-operator method named "methodName" in the NAS configuration file on the robot named "robot":

C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\bin\pu -u administrator -p pwd controller probe_config_set nas /auto_operator/definitions/methodName active yes "" /Enterprise/department/robot

PU COMMAND SYNTAX to cause a probe to re-read the configuration file:

This must be followed with a PU command to make the probe read its configuration file:

C:\Program  Files\NimBUS\bin\pu -u administrator -p pwd /Enterprise/department/robot/nas _restart