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How to choose which alarms get sent via snmpgtw


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The snmpgtw subscribes directly to the alarm subject on the message bus. This gives snmpgtw an unfiltered view of all alarms before alarm-enrichment or nas processing. To setup snmpgtw to be more specific as to what traps get set out we can setup a new "outbound" queue and forward alarms to it via nas Auto-Operator (AO) profiles.


  • NAS probe version 4.73 - and above.


- snmpgtw working as designed, but sending all alarms to the 'alarm' Subject as configured so those alarms were making their way through to Spectrum.


  1. Create a NEW ATTACH queue called snmpgtw with the Subject of 'outbound,' or for example 'SPECTRUM_alarms,' within the hub queues configuration.
  2. In the snmpgtw probe configuration, change the key "Subject" with the existing value of "alarm" to "outbound" or for example, 'SPECTRUM_alarms.'
  3. Open the nas probe and create a new Auto-Operator profile
  4. Set the Action type to "repost"
  5. Use Action mode of "On Message Arrival"
  6. Change the Subject to "outbound" or "SPECTRUM_alarms"
  7. Set the appropriate matching criteria for the alarms you want to repost.

In the case of Spectrum alarms, when the steps above are followed, then the nas will process the alarms first before sending them to Spectrum. (instead of the snmpgtw).

For testing this configuration it is best to have 2 alarms being frequently generated, e.g., by ntevl, one which is bring excluded by the preprocessing rule and another which is not being excluded which should make it to Spectrum.

Additional Information

Due to the configuration described above, the nas will process the alarms first before sending them to Spectrum. (instead of the snmpgtw). Hence any nas rules, e.g., exclusion rule will take effect. Otherwise snmpgtw sends the alarms directly to Spectrum and bypasses the nas.