How are the probe log files managed?
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How are the probe log files managed?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customers often ask how probe log files are managed.

How are the probe log files managed?

How can I change the level of detail or size of probe logs?



 This is general information for ALL UIM VERSIONS



Each probe includes a log file which provides basic debug information for that probe. How much detail is written to the log by the probe depends on the setting of the log level.

Support will generally want to see logs collected at loglevel 3 for Support tickets - loglevel 3 has a good level of detail without being overwhelming.

More complex issues/troubleshooting may require a higher loglevel.

Typically, the log file is named probe.log and found in the probe-specific folder in the following directory - $PATH\Nimsoft\probes\$Group\$Probe\probe.log

'_probe.log' is the historical log file. When a probe is (re)started, the controller moves the file from probe.log to _probe.log.

When the size of the log is about 100 KB, the probe.log contents are also moved to _probe.log. Then the probe continues to log to the probe.log 

Using Raw Configure (Ctrl + Right Click), you can set loglevel to >10 (loglevel = 10) to avoid this truncation.

For example, if you want to use log level 2 but avoid truncation, you would set the log level to 12.

You may also use Raw Configure to add a 'logsize' key, should it not exist in the probe GUI.

This key will govern how large the logs are allowed to grow before truncating information.


Note that this key is configured in KB and is set in the 'setup' section.