What is the meaning of the of nas alarm Subjects?
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What is the meaning of the of nas alarm Subjects?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What is the meaning of the of nas alarm Subjects?


UIM 8.x
nas 4.x / 9.x


‚ÄčThe Nimsoft Alarm Server (NAS) subscribes to "raw alarm" messages. These messages are generated by the Nimsoft spooler under the "alarm" subject.

The NAS attaches to a hub queue named "nas", and processes each incoming alarm according to its current configuration settings. The NAS performs pre-processing and post-processing of the alarms, through the auto-operator mechanism. The data is maintained in an embedded database and published back onto the messaging bus as the following events:

alarm_new, alarm_update, alarm_close, alarm_delete, alarm_assign alarm_stat.

The target audiences for these events are the NimBUS consoles and gateways.

From the nas Help doc:
  • The Alarm Server notifies the world about changes to its alarm database by issuing event-messages to the Infrastructure Manager Alarm window.
  • When an alarm message is received and its footprint is not previously recorded, an alarm_new message is generated.
  • However, if the footprint already exists, an alarm_update message is generated.
  • Whenever a client closes (acknowledges) an alarm it will be removed from the currently active alarms, and an alarm_close message will be generated.
  • All transactions such as new, suppress and close are logged to the transaction log, and may be viewed through the NAS configuration tool.
  • The Alarm Server will generate a statistical event message, alarm_stats, containing the summary information (on severity level) for all open alarms.

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