Reusing a Capacity Planner installation
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Reusing a Capacity Planner installation


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I want to reuse an existing Capacity Planner installation. How can I clear out both the Database ID and System ID without reinstalling the product?


VMware Capacity Planner 2.7.x
VMware Capacity Planner 2.6.x
VMware Capacity Planner 2.8.x
VMware Capacity Planner 2.5.x
VMware Capacity Planner 2.1.x


To clear out Database ID and System ID without reinstalling the product:

  1. Shut down all Capacity Planner processes (vcp*.exe ) on the host. Use the Windows Task Manager to confirm that all processes are terminated.
  2. Delete the MDB database file from the Capacity Planner installation folder, usually located in %ProgramFiles%\VMware\VMware Capacity Planner .
  3. Blank out the SystemID value registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware Capacity Planner\Common\Settings .
    • Note: On a 64-bit installation of Windows the registry key would be located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\VMware, Inc.\VMware Capacity Planner\Common\Settings .
  4. When the Data Manager is started, a new System ID will be created along with a database file with a new Database ID.