How can I collect comprehensive NMS inventory data


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The Inventory probe is a custom field-developed probe and is the only means currently available to generate a list of robots/probes along with their configuration keys and values/settings.

The Inventory probe Lua script) is attached along with a Help document.

The nimsoft-logo.gif and Default.asp should be placed on the IIS server in a new folder. the LUA script you should place in your script catalog. Then read and follow the directions in the inventory.docx file to configure it.

The script will go out to all the robots and pick up a lot of information such as version, probes installed and configuration keys.

The info is then put it in to a MS SQL DB so you can use the information.

This script generates a lot of traffic on the 'NimBUS' so be careful when you try it. It will also generate alarms when there is a communication error to a hub or a robot. You might want to run it off-hours.

The script is not configured 'out of the box' so you need to do some configuration and stuff before you run it.

Other sources of inventory data include the ProbeReport and DrNimBUS Inventory scan but they do not collect comprehensive configuration data.

Probe Report:

...\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin\ProbeReport.exe

Run the 'Probe Summary' Report and you can 'select all' and copy to clipboard.

DrNimBUS Inventory scan:

DrNimBUS is an undocumented feature so see below for some helpful information.

- Go to the Primary hub server
- Login to the Infrastructure Manager as administrator first
- Select Start->All Programs-> Nimsoft Monitoring-> Tools -> DrNimBUS
- Click the Inventory scan icon

DrNimBUS Inventory Scan is useful for doing a quick scan of the entire NMS environment. It also allows you to set a collection 'filter.'

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