How do I backup UIM on a Windows system?
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How do I backup UIM on a Windows system?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How do I backup UIM on a Windows system? What files should be backed up for configuration restore of Nimsoft UIM?



Any UIM release


Note : This solution relates to Nimsoft UIM Windows Installation
All of the Nimsoft configuration is contained within the $nimroot folder and sub-folders. $nimroot is usually "C:\ Program Files\Nimsoft". So, backing up the contents of $nimroot and below is the simplest approach.

Restoration is performed by restoring the backup to the same location and then running the Nimsoft installation program. It will inspect the filesystem and effectively register and launch all of the Nimbus processes and components that were running on your system at the time of the backup.

You can cherry-pick just certain files for backup if space is a problem. This would include all (.cfg, .log, and .tran files) and maybe a few others. However, restoration is significantly more cumbersome, so we do not recommend that approach.

Finally, depending on the backup tool, you may receive complaints that a few files cannot be backed up because they are in use. This is usually the NAS transaction log files. If these log files are absolutely essential to be backed up carefully, you might consider deactivating the NAS probe while you run the backup. Most customers do not worry about this. It is current log that is open - not the entire history - so your exposure is minimal.