What does the alarm "You have exceeded your QoS license by <x> objects" mean?
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What does the alarm "You have exceeded your QoS license by <x> objects" mean?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This article describes the cause of the QoS License error and how to resolve it.
This message indicates that there are more QoS Objects in the SLM Database than the number of QoS set in your SLM-QoS license key.



This would be valid for any UIM version including 9.0.2


If your SLM-QoS license key provides for 100,000 objects (default) and the alarm message shows that:
"You have exceeded your QoS license by 215 objects," then you have 100,215 QoS objects in your SLM database.

You can use the SLM manager -> Tools -> Database status to see how many QoS objects you have and to browse the objects to make sure they are all still relevant.

You might also want to check if any are not currently active. This is done by selecting a group of objects and using a right-mouse click to launch a drop-down menu. On this menu select 'Get Statistics.' This will add several new rows to the status list, one of which is Last updated. If this date is very old you can probably assume that the data is no longer valid and it can normally be deleted. If you need to merge the data to keep it, that can be done via the rt-click Merge option as well for the same/like QoS.

If it turns out that all of the objects are valid and useful, let us know and we can generate a larger key for you.

If your SLM_QoS license key is coded for plenty of QoS (more than you are using) and the data_engine continues to complain, try deactivating and activating the data_engine. It may be that you have installed a new SLM-QoS license recently, but the old (smaller quantity) license remains cached in the data_engine.

Please also make sure you 'cold start' your data_engine probe by selecting it and then rt-click to Deactivate it, then wait for its port and PID to disappear, then Activate it and see if you still get the alarm message after acknowledging the alarm message.


Additional Information

If you have had issues with the discovery server or duplicate devices in the UMP, you may  have been instructed by support to set the ci_metric_id column to null on the S_QOS_DATA table.

The SLM_Qos license looks at the row count in the S_QOS_DATA table.
You may be able to reduce some of the rows by looking for orphaned data.
For example:
After an inspection of those rows (if any), you may choose to delete those rows.
Please be sure to consult with y our DBA prior and take the necessary backups of the table.

Alternately, If you are running  9.02 update to 9.2 will also resolve it.
The 9.x versions no longer have licenses as the older versions do.