apmgtw (beta) probe configuration
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apmgtw (beta) probe configuration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Please find attached the updated BETA version of the apmgtw probe (apmgtw-17April2015.zipped). Please change the extension of the file to .zip and extract it. It has the updated apmgtw probe and also the ReadMe.txt.

Remove the apmgtw probe from the local archive and import the provided apmgtw probe into the archive.

Remove any deployments of apmgtw probe and ensure that apmgtw folder under probes/gateway folder has been removed.

Deploy the apmgtw probe to the primary hub where the data_engine sits.

If there is any problem launching the probe UI, please do the following changes:

1) In the IntroscopeEPAgent.properties file, please replace the occurance of <APM EM Server> with the hostname or ipaddress of the APM server in the environment.

2) Also update the APM Server details in apmgtw.cfg file for apm-em-server-host

Before executing any .bat or .sh scripts please update JRE path with details of the JRE installed on the machine, if you encounter errors related to java path location.

In case of any problems starting the apmgtw probe and launching the UI, please try to run console.sh by updating JRE path and see if that helps.



Component: CAUIM