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How to convert logmon SNMP-TRAP to UIM message with snmptd


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I checked "Convert Nimsoft SNMP-TRAP message"  and checked the setting in the hub, and logmon probe for receiving the SNMP-TRAP messages by the logmon probe. I receive the SNMP-TRAP messages from the logmon probe, but the messages received do not have any contents. (Only the Subject specified at the watcher tab of the logmon probe.) What is the right configuration to obtain this?


Component: UIMLGM


There is no option to see the contents of the SNMP Trap messages through the logmon probe. You can only provide your customized message in the logmon probe.

You need to specify your own message under the 'Watcher' Tab in the text area 'Message Text'. Whatever message you specified in that text area will be displayed as the alarm message in the Alarm subconsole. To display the variables like 'PROFILE', 'WATCHER NAME', just type $ and the drop down will allow you to select the variables.

Additional Information

 In logmon 3.52 this problem was fixed that the message text when reading from queue SNMP-TRAP was not blank anymore
(I installed this 3.52 on a UIM 9.0.2 and it worked directly, like in 2015)