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logmon and other probes only come up in Raw Configure mode in Windows 7


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



When trying to access certain probes including logmon and ntperf from Infrastructure Manager, the GUI appears in the Raw  Configure mode. 

When log on to the main Nimsoft server and bring up Infrastructure Manager, It is able to successfully open some of the probes previously mentioned, and they came up normally. 

Another bit of info:  Windows 7 machine which is where it sees the problem. Because  it is still need some of the applications on  the old XP machine, saved it as a VM. When it calls up that VM and run Infrastructure Manager from there, the probes that were coming up in raw mode on the new machine, are working properly over there. So, the only place that the problem shows up is on  new Windows 7 machine.


This information is generally applicable to most versions of UIM.


The problem was permissions settings in $Install_Path\Nimsoft\util directory, which prevented new GUI templates from saving on the local machine.