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Number of redirects hit maximum count message from url_response probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



url_response throws error:

"Number of redirects hit maximum count"I receive the message " Number of redirects hit maximum count" when setting up a url_response probe profile for some URLs. What exactly does this message mean? Is this something that can be adjusted so that the URLs can be monitored?


url_response probe any version


A redirect is when a http request gets a 'page is moved' reply so that another request to the modified url needs to be performed.

When using the cURL library (ie. when not specifying 'Windows NT authentication'), the probe will set the maximum number of redirects to the number of retries specified in the profile.

When using 'Windows NT authentication', the maximum number of redirects is left to the library (there probably is some mechanism there to avoid infinite redirects.)

I think if you look at the log for the probe when running at level 3, you can see the redirects as the profile is running.


This can be adjusted by increasing the 'retry count' in the url_response probe profile and/or by testing again without any proxy enabled.


Component: CAUIM