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net_connect will not start (failed to create server session on port 0, error code 98 )


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The error code 'nimSession - failed to create server session on port 0, error code 98' indicates that the port is already in use.

Confirm that you are running net_connect as the root user?

Try to run netcat (nc -l <port>) on the box and verify that this also fails? This is the system call utilized by our probes to check if a port is free or not. Does this show "Address is already in use" ?

Check if the probe gets either a port and/or a PID.

Check if the probe port is already in use. e.g., another application is using the port e.g., 48010.

If the port is being used by another application:
Open the controller GUI and configure the setting under Setup->Advanced: "First probe port number" to 48011. The robot will restart and start assigning/using port numbers from 48012 on up for the probes.

First probe port number
Daemon type probes will normally register a command port, which is allocated run-time on probe start-up. Setting the probe port number will make the robot allocate specific port numbers for the probes as they are started. Use this option if you want the probes to have port numbers in a specific range for router / firewall purposes.


Component: UIMNCN