How to add profiles to net_connect en masse using a file


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Need to know how to add profiles en masse into the net_connect probe configuration.


- bulk add of profiles


Component: UIMNCN


In Windows, if you go to the "Control Panel" and launch the add/delete users GUI there's a setting that you need to select to enable the 'drag and drop' (User Account Control).

There is a Local Security Policy called User Account Control: 'Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode' which controls this.

Setting this to Disabled effectively means that Admin Approval Mode is no longer required for members of the local Administrators group effectively disabling UAC entirely for those users. Which is about the same as turning off UAC entirely but still this setting allows you to control it just for administrators. The setting is found under: Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options.

You can drag and drop from a Wordpad document.

Depending on the probe, net_connect, interface_traffic, cisco_monitor, etc., you can use Wordpad to add Hosts or IPs via drag and drop and/or use the 'ping sweep' feature to add Hosts or IPs.

Some recent Windows OS security settings disallow drag and drop from Wordpad but there are a few other options like installing the Infrastructure Manager on Windows 7 or using a Windows 2003 machine and using Wordpad from there.

You can add multiple entries, which become profiles in the net_connect probe by drag-n-drop in an editor like Wordpad. The format of the file should be similar to /etc/hosts or Windows hosts file:

<IPaddress> <hostname>


Create a new file with entries that are Tab-delimited such as: RTR-SOMEWHERE1 RTR-SOMEWHERE2 RTR-SOMEWHERE3

Then highlight all of the entries and click and hold down the mouse button to drag and drop the entries, e.g., into a Group you already defined, e.g., Hosts, or Routers, or Switches, etc.

The profiles will pick up whatever probe defaults you have already defined in the net_connect probe.

Then click Ok to restart the probe.