Changing the socket timeout value of vCloud Director
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Changing the socket timeout value of vCloud Director


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VMware Cloud Director


This article provides steps to change the socket timeout value of vCloud Director.

The socket timeout for communication between vCloud Director and vShield Manager or NSX is hard coded as 30 minutes. This results in a timeout error when vShield Manager or NSX takes longer than 30 minutes to respond to a request from vCloud Director.


VMware Cloud Director 5.5.x
VMware Cloud Director for Service Provider 5.6.x


Change the the socket timeout value of an installed vCloud Director server.
  1. Stop the vCloud Director service. See Stopping, starting, or restarting the VMware vCloud Director service (1026310).
  2. Back up the /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/etc/ file.
  3. Open the /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/etc/ file using a text editor.
  4. Add the following field in for each cell in vCloud Director to make the socket timeout configurable.
    networking.vsmSocketTimeoutInMillis = value in milliseconds
  5. After the script completes, start the vCloud Director service .

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