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Login fails for SQL database user when password contains an exclamation point


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


There is a known issue where the data_engine will not be able to establish a connection to a MS SQL Database despite the fact that the same username can successfully log in through SQL Management Studio, or a System DSN test, which is caused by an exclamation point (!) in the password of the SQL user that is configured in data_engine.



    UIM Server:  Any version
    MS SQL Server:  Any version



    Some special characters in the UIM database password are not handled correctly preventing a connection to a MS SQL Server database.


    The resolution is to change the password to one that does not contain an exclamation point.  Most other special characters should be fine.

    Additional Information

    Other special characters to avoid in UIM database passwords:
    • %
    • /
    • @