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UIM - Alarm configuration for tunnels when they go down


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Alerts are being fired automatically when the tunnel had been down for less than 30 seconds.
How can we configure Infrastructure Manager to alert only when a tunnel has been down for at least 5 minutes?



Release: UIM 20.x
Component: UIMHUB


In the hub GUI select Tunnels -> Advanced Tab: 'Tunnel is hanging Timeout' and set it to 300 seconds (5 mins).

This setting determines when the tunnel disconnect alarm is generated.

For hubs without a tunnel connection, no alarms will be sent if another hub goes down.

Additional Information

The best way to to monitor other hubs is to use the net_connect probe to check if the NimBUS_HUB service (port 48002) is responding.