How to make a backup of a probe configuration
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How to make a backup of a probe configuration


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I need to backup my probe configuration so that if there is a problem I can redeploy them again quickly. How do I do this?


Release: UIM, any version


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Most probes store all of their configuration in a .cfg file that is located in the probe directory.



Customers may choose to backup all of the .cfg files in the appropriate installation location, e.g., UIM/Nimsoft directory on a given hub/robot machine.

NOTE: As a best practice, support STRONGLY suggests backing up the entire <nimsoft> directory as how probes handle configuration can also change over time.

One method to quickly backup your configurations so they can easily be redeployed is to create a 'Configuration Only' Archive Package:


Drag and drop the specific probe to the local archive in the Infrastructure Manager.

Ensure 'Configuration Only' is selected as below

Change the package name to easily identify the configuration file package with relevant usage information, e.g., OS it applies to etc., and hit OK.

This configuration file package can then be deployed over an existing probe(s) to apply the saved MASTER configuration.

Additional Information

Other best practices include taking vmware snapshots of the CORE servers in a UIM environment, such as the Primary, Secondary (HA) and OC, and any remote/customer hubs/robots, and/or scripted or manual copying of the Nimsoft hub, robot and/or probes directories to a safe location.

It might be worth posting a comment to the DX Infrastructure Manager community to ask other customers if they developed an approach or script to accomplish this task.
In the past, Field Services developed an approach/custom probe to accomplish this but its not supported and/or will most likely no longer work in the current UIM version.


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