How to modify alarm Reporting frequency in vSphere 6.x using PowerCLI
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How to modify alarm Reporting frequency in vSphere 6.x using PowerCLI


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VMware vCenter Server


This article provides PowerCLI method to customize Reporting Frequency of an alarm.


Alarm actions like Email alerts/SNMP traps are not triggered for state changes within 5 minutes from initial alarm trigger


VMware vCenter Server 6.5.x
VMware vCenter Server 7.0.x
VMware vCenter Server 6.0.x
VMware vCenter Server 6.7.x


By default, vCenter alarms are configured to have a 5-minute Reporting frequency to guard against repeatedly reporting insignificant alarm transitions and actions associated with it.

There are situations where default or custom alarms to have a lesser/higher reporting frequency.


To resovle this issue:
  1. Connect to the vCenter server using powerCLI VI-Connect cmdlet, see Basic connecting to vCenter or a vSphere Host
  2. To list all the alarm definitions:
  1. Select an Alarm to modify using ID or Name. Here using a sample ID (Alarm-alarm-97)
  2. Get the .NET view object for the alarm:
$AlarmtoUpdate=get-view -id (get-alarmDefinition -ID Alarm-alarm-97).id
  1. To see the current value of Reporting Frequency parameters:
echo $
  1. Copy the alarm info item to a spec variable:
$specNewAlarmInfo = $AlarmToUpdate.Info
  1. modify Reporting Frequency value in the spec variable 
$specNewAlarmInfo.Setting.ReportingFrequency = <value in seconds(NOT minute) 0-3600>
  1. Once the spec variable is updated, it can be written back to the alarm definition:
  1. To validate the changes:
$AlarmtoUpdate=get-view -id (get-alarmDefinition -ID Alarm-alarm-97).id
echo $