Change the Memory Capacity calculation type in vROps 8.4
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Change the Memory Capacity calculation type in vROps 8.4


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VMware Aria Suite


Starting in vRealize Operations 8.4, a new configuration option has been added to allow users to switch the Capacity calculation type from using Utilization based metrics to Consumed based metrics.

This will allow Host System, Cluster Compute Resource, and their parent objects to have Capacity calculations based on consumed metrics instead of utilization metrics.

  • Once changed, this will not retroactively change past calculations.  This will only affect new calculations moving forward.
  • There will be no noticeable change in calculation type in the UI; the UI will still say demand (utilization) but will be using consumed in the backend.


VMware vRealize Operations 8.4.x
VMware vRealize Operations 8.x


To switch the capacity calculation type, complete the steps below.
  1. Log into the Primary node as root via SSH or Console, pressing ALT+F1 in a Console to log in.
  2. Open /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/plugins/inbound/vmwarevi_adapter3/conf/ in a text editor.
  3. Find the useConsumedAsUtilization entry and change the value from false to true to use consumed based metrics.

Note: Change the value back to false to use utilization based metrics.
  1. Save and close the file.
  2. Repeat steps 1-4 on all other Analytic nodes in the vRealize Operations cluster.
On the next collection cycle, for all clusters, the "Utilization" metric will be equal to "Consumed".

Additional Information

When switching the calculation types, the data-points of the Consumed metric will start contributing to the projection immediately, but the projection will keep carrying the impact of the previous Demand-based calculations until they have dropped off and the projection is autotuned by itself.