Tenant App is not accessible inside vCloud Director
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Tenant App is not accessible inside vCloud Director


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VMware Aria Suite VMware Cloud Director


  • Even though the plugin registration is successful, the vRealize Operations dropdown menu is not available in vCloud Director 10.3 (Tenant Login for Tenant App 2.6.1)


VMware Cloud Director 10.x


This is a known issue affecting the vRealize Operations Tenant App for vCloud Director, there is no resolution at this time.  Please subscribe to this article to be informed when updates are published.

To workaround the issue:
  1. SSH to the Tenant App virtual appliance with root access.
  2. Change directory to /opt/vmware/plugin
  3. Download the “plugin.zip” to your local machine from the above location.
  4. Login to the provider URL of your vCloud Director instance (https://vCDIPorFQDN/provider) with root access
Note: Replace vCDIPorFQDN with the IP or FQDN of your vCloud Director instance 
  1. Navigate to More > Customize Portal > Manage Plugins > Plugins
  2. Remove and entries named “Operations Plugin” (vRealize Operations Tenant App for VMware Cloud Director extension) that exist
  3. Click Upload, then click “SELECT PLUGIN FILE” in the popup wizard.
  4. Select the “plugin.zip” which was downloaded in step 3.
  5. Click Next, then select  Scope & Publish
  6. Click Next, review and click Finish
  7. Logout of vCloud Director (Provider login).
  8. Login to vCloud Director as Tenant
  9. Verify whether "Operation Manager" is present under “More” 
  10. Access Tenant App by clicking the “Operation Manager” option from the dropdown


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