Synchronizing Archived CSV Files to the Information Warehouse
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Synchronizing Archived CSV Files to the Information Warehouse


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Data synchronization jobs have occurred without errors, but the data has either been rejected or has not yet been received by the Information Warehouse. Archiving is active on the Collector.


VMware Capacity Planner 2.5.x
VMware Capacity Planner 2.6.x
VMware Capacity Planner 2.1.x


The following procedure will allow you to upload an archived .CSV files from the Collector:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the installation folder for the Collector. This folder is usually found in %ProgramFiles%\VMware\VMware Capacity Planner .
  2. Copy the contents of the archive folder into the outbox folder. (You may skip copying the .log files and files not created in the date range you desire).
  3. From the Capacity Planner Data Manager, click Tasks > Run Manual Tasks > Run Data Synchronization. This will manually upload the data.
    Note: The upload process may take a long time to finish depending on the amount of data to send.
  4. From the Dashboard, c lick Dashboards > Support Dashboard, click either Inventory Uploads or Performance Uploads.
  5. Check the date and time on the files received to confirm the files are being received by the Information Warehouse.
    Note: The time stamps indicated are in Pacific Standard time or Pacific Daylight time.