Configuring the IPMI/iLO setting for power management (DPM) fails with the error: A specified parameter was not correct
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Configuring the IPMI/iLO setting for power management (DPM) fails with the error: A specified parameter was not correct


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VMware vCenter Server


  • Cannot configure the power management (DPM) options of an ESX host through vCenter Server
  • Configuring the IPMI/iLO setting fails
  • You see the error:

    A specified parameter was not correct


VMware vCenter Server 4.1.x
VMware vCenter Server 4.0.x
VMware vCenter Server 5.0.x


This issue occurs if an unauthenticated XML query is disabled in iLO1 or iL02, VMware Virtual Center Server cannot get the iLO version and DPM fails during configuration.

Note: The fallback mechanism for iLO3 will work.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Ensure that the username and password are correct and that the password does not contain non-ASCII or special character and is less than 17 characters in length
  2. On DRAC/ILO, ensure that the IPMI setting "Enable IPMI over LAN" is enabled
  3. Ensure that the MAC address of the BMC is correct. Also, to reduce the complexity, configure BMC to use a single NIC instead of multiple NICs.

    Note: The only reason the vCenter configuration asks for a MAC address is to help provide a unique ID for the BMC. It does not route packets to that MAC address, rather it does an IPMI query to ask the BMC what its MAC address is and checks that it's the one that was supplied. This is meant as an extra sanity check to help ensure VCenter is not talking to the wrong machine's BMC because of an error in entering the IP address.

  4. As best practice, ensure that you use a static BMC IP address
  5. Ensure that the firewall is open for communication between vCenter and BMC. Communication between the iDrac and the vCenter server is done via port 623, so ensure that this UDP port is open.
  6. When using HP ILO v1 or ILO v2, verify that the Unauthenticated XML query for the ILO returns information regarding the ILO. If it does not return the expected ILO information, configure the ILO to display this data.

    For more information on the expected response, see the Unauthenticated XML query section of the HP Integrated Lights-Out Management Processor Scripting and Command Line Resource Guide.

    Note: The preceding link was correct as of February 2, 2014. If you find the link is broken, provide feedback and a VMware employee will update the link.

    If you require assistance with this, contact your HP hardware vendor.

Additional Information

電源管理 (DPM) に IPMI/iLO 設定を構成すると次のエラーで失敗する:指定パラメータが正しくありません
配置电源管理 (DPM) 的 IPMI/iLO 设置失败并显示以下错误“指定参数不正确”