Can Storage vMotion be used for virtual machines managed by vCloud Director?
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Can Storage vMotion be used for virtual machines managed by vCloud Director?


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VMware Cloud Director


Can Storage vMotion be used? If so, what are the boundaries? What are the supported methods of relocating virtual machines to different datastores when managed by vCloud Director?


VMware Cloud Director 1.0.x
VMware Cloud Director 5.1.x
VMware Cloud Director 1.5.x


VMware Storage vMotion can be used with good results if the Provider vDC consists of several datastores and Storage vMotion is used to balance the load of virtual machines on those datastores.

However, it can also be very disruptive if the vSphere administrator happens to move a virtual machine from one Provider vDC to another Provider vDC, not realizing that this stops vCloud Director from managing the virtual machine. Therefore, the vSphere administrator managing a combined infrastructure of vCloud Director and non-vCloud Director resources in the same vCenter Server might issue a storage vMotion out of habit that could unintentionally break the vCloud Director environment.

For example, if you relocate a virtual machine from one datastore to another and the target datastore is not in the same Provider vDC, this may cause problems.

The vCloud API is definitely the preferred method, but it is not the only supported method. Normal Storage vMotion at the vSphere level is supported as long as the destination datastore is visible to the Provider vDC.

Note: If you have Fast Provisioning enabled (virtual machines leveraging linked clones), a normal Storage vMotion operation can not preserve the Linked Clone Tree. Instead, use the relocate virtual machine API from vCloud Director as that preserves space efficiency; Storage vMotion inflates to a full disk on the move operation.

For more information, see page 9 of the Storage Considerations for VMware vCloud Director technical white paper.