vRealize Network Insight Sample Search Queries
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vRealize Network Insight Sample Search Queries


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VMware Aria Operations for Networks


This articles provide sample vRealize Network Insight search queries


VMware vRealize Network Insight 3.x
VMware vRealize Network Insight 2.x


Below mentioned are few search queries which are used in  vRealize Network Insight 

Flow Related Queries
  • Show VMs per L2 segment (can restrict with where vlan = xyz). Replace vlan with vxlan if using logical switches.
      vm by vlan where vlan = “xyz”
  • Show a list of VMs with their gateway, network, VLAN etc:
      L2 Network , vlan, ip address, default gateway of vms
  • Search a MAC address or IP address. Just type the address into the search bar.
  • Show me all network traffic going to the internet
     flows where Flow Type = 'Src is VM' and Flow Type = 'Dst is Internet' by bytes
  • Show me all network traffic going to physical
      flows where Flow Type = 'VM-Physical' by bytes
  • Show me the same thing, but totals:
     sum(total bytes) of flow where Flow Type = 'VM-Physical'
  • Say you have two data centres (separate vCenter per site). Show me traffic totals between them (i.e. DCI link utilisation)
      sum(bytes) of flows where (Dst Manager = 'abc' AND src manager = 'cba') OR (Dst Manager = 'cba' AND src manager = 'abc')
  • Total amount of VTEP traffic:
     sum(bytes) of flows where Flow Type = 'Src is VTEP' or flow type = 'Dst is VTEP'
  • VTEP traffic grouped by VMkernel IP (Can’t see this in the vRNI demo labs – has to be in a real life lab):
     sum(bytes) of flows where Flow Type = 'Src is VTEP' or flow type = 'Dst is VTEP' group by src ip
  • Show internet traffic totals for every src IP
     sum(bytes) of flows where Flow Type = Internet' group by src ip
  • Series of 3 days where each point is an aggregate of 2 hours (7200 seconds) of metrics. The aggregate function being applied is supplied in the query – max, sum etc.
     series(max(byte rate), 7200) of flows where flow type = 'Src is Physical' and flow type = 'Dst is Internet' in last 3 days
  • Find switch-ports or router-interface having packet drops
     show Max Packet Drops, total packet drop ratio, network Rate of Switch Ports by Total Packet Drop Ratio
  • Network rate of all hosts (ordered by the highest)
      network rate of host order by Max Network Rate
  • Show total flows grouped by ports
      sum(bytes) of flow group by port
  • Look at Internet flows grouped by port with traffic totals:
     sum(bytes) of flows where Traffic Type = 'INTERNET_TRAFFIC' group by port

Information About VMs
  • Show which network segments have the highest VM count:
     vm group by l2 network
  • Which datastores have highest VM count:
     vm group by datastore

ESX Host Information
  • Show me a list vSphere versions installed in the environment and a total of hosts:
     host group by version
  • Show me a list of vSphere builds and how many hosts they have:
      host group by OS
  • Show me hosts with how many VMs they contain:
     vm group by host

Firewall rules
  • Show rules which have an any source (can combine with specific port if you like)
     vm where incoming rules.Source Any
  • Show VMs with an affected rule of xyz
      vm where Firewall Rule = 'Prod MidTier to Prod DB - DBService'
  • Show firewall rules where any port is allowed
     firewall rule where action = allow and service any = true

Not operator:
 Not like


max(byte rate) of flows
sum(total bytes)
avg(CPU Usage Rate), avg(memory utilization) of VMs

  • Show which VNIs my controllers are responsible for:
     controller of Vxlan group by controller
  •  Which controller is responsible for my Prod-Midtier segment
     Primary Controller of Vxlan 'Prod-Midtier'
  •  Where is my Prod-Midtier-1 VM and what info do I want to know about it (i.e. MAC, IP, host it’s on)?
      mac address, ip, vxlan, host of vm 'Prod-Midtier-1'
  • Show routes for Provider edge 3:
      routes where vrf = 'Provider Edge 3'
  • Show routes of DMZ DLR:
     routes where VRF = 'LDR-DMZ'