Transition of development and support for VMware Service Manager and VMware Service Manager Cloud Provisioning to Alemba Software FAQ
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Transition of development and support for VMware Service Manager and VMware Service Manager Cloud Provisioning to Alemba Software FAQ


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This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about the transition of development and support services for VMware Service Manager and VMware Service Manager Cloud Provisioning to Alemba Software.


VMware Service Manager 7.x
VMware Service Manager 9.x
VMware Service Manager 8.x


Frequently asked questions

Q. What is being announced?

A. VMware are transitioning development and support for VMware Service Manager and VMware Service Manager Cloud Provisioning to Alemba, a partner specializing in IT Service Management process and tool implementation.
Q. What is VMware Service Manager?

A. VMware Service Manager (VSM) is an IT Service Management tool that provides support for ITIL based processes such as or including Service Desk, Configuration Management, Change Management, Service Request Management, Service Catalog, and Asset Management. Specific modules were also bundled together to create the VSM – Cloud Provisioning offering, the tool used to provide a consumer portal and governance for vCloud Director.
Q. What is happening with Service Manager?

A. VMware has entered into an agreement with Alemba Software which means that Alemba will take over the continued development and support of VMware Service Manager.

Q. Who is Alemba Software?

A. Alemba Software is a software development organization founded in 2007 that has over 150 years of collective VSM experience. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and provides global account management with 24/7 technical support for VMware Service Manager. They also have Professional Services staff and skills with heavy experience around VSM and ITIL. Their main product offering is vFire, a product that layers on top of VSM, providing a browser-agnostic interface to VSM functionality.

Q. Why is this partnership important?

A. On March 1, 2012, VMware announced the end of general availability of VMware Service Manager to focus on cloud provisioning and service request automation, resulting in a decreased focus on traditional Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). However, to ensure continued support for customers who are vested in VSM VMware recognized that a more active investment in VSM is required to make the product more valuable and viable for them in the future.

Q. What does this partnership entail?
A. Commencing July 1, 2014, after the release of VSM 9.1.9 (scheduled for June 10, 2014), Alemba assumes ownership and delivery of the VSM Road map, quality fixes, and support of VSM. Alemba also fulfills any new professional services engagements for VSM.
Q. Does this partnership entitle VSM Customers to anything new?
A. Yes, if you are currently on SnS, you are entitled to the vFire product, a browser agnostic interface for both the technician and customer that provides access to VSM functionality.
Q. Does this partnership affect VMware Service Manager-Cloud Provisioning (VSM-CP) Customer?
A. VSM-CP requires vCloud Director to work. If you are a vCloud Director customer, you have been offered a Fair Market Value trade-in to vRealize Automation (formerly known as vCloud Automation Center), therefore allowing you to replace VSM-CP with vRealize Automation. However, if you have chosen to stay with vCloud Director, you can continue to utilize VSM-CP.
Q. Does this partnership affect the End of Support Dates for VMware Service Manager?

A. No. The end of support for VSM is March 8, 2017. However, in addition, Alemba will provide a plan to outline how VSM will evolve beyond VMware’s documented support dates. For more information, see the VMware Lifecycle Support Policies page.

Q. Does this partnership affect existing Professional Services Organizations (PSO) projects?
A. No. PSO projects that are in process will continue to be delivered by VMware and in partnership with Alemba.
Q. Will current VSM customers be able to buy additional VSM modules and licenses?

A. If you wish to add additional modules, or additional capacity and you are currently on SnS for VSM with VMware, you can contract directly with Alemba or continue to purchase from VMware. If your SnS has expired, contact Alemba and renew through them.
Q. Will VMware continue to sell VSM directly to customers who currently do not own it?

A. You should approach Alemba if you are interested in buying VSM.
Q. How will VMware handle SnS Renewals?

A. You can renew SnS directly with Alemba as long as you own VSM. If you choose to renew with VMware, you can only renew until March of 2016. If you renew with VMware, you will continue to use your existing support systems (for example, If you renew with Alemba, you will use Alemba‘s support channels.

Q. How will new PSO opportunities be handled for VSM customers who have SnS with VMware?

A. You can work with your VMware Account Rep for PSO opportunities, or you can contact Alemba directly using [email protected].

Q. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

A. For additional questions, contact: