How to reset End-Point Operations Agent
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How to reset End-Point Operations Agent


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VMware Aria Suite


This article provide steps to reset the End-Point Operations Agent on both Linux and Windows operating systems. The agent reset is a safe procedure which sometimes be a quick fix for general monitoring problems.

  • EP Ops resources not collecting metric data
  • Expected EP Ops resources not being added to inventory
  • Expected EP Ops Adapter missing
  • EP Ops Adapter is down or not collecting metrics unexpectedly


VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.1.x



To fully reset the End-Point Operations Agent use these steps for the appropriate operating system.

Caution : Removing the data directory of the agent removes all configuration and all spooled metric data. This means if the agent has been in a configured state, collecting metrics but has not been able to transmit that metric data to vRealize Operations for some reason (i.e. no network access), that metric data ( which is minimal) will be lost when the data directory is removed.

On Windows:
  1. Log in to Windows Virtual Machine as Administrator where EP OPs agent is installed.
  2. Open a command prompt and run these commands:

    cd \ep-agent\bin

    ep-agent.bat stop

    ep-agent.bat remove

    deltree ..\data

    Note: If deltree command does not work, then simply delete the data directory from GUI.

    ep-agent.bat install

    ep-agent.bat start

On Linux:

  1. Log in to Linux Virtual Machine as root where EP Ops is installed.
  2. Run this command:

    cd /path

    ./ stop

    rm -rf ../data

    ./ start

Additional Information

The Windows user that should perform these operations must have access to the monitored technologies (i.e. MSSQL). See