vRealize Operations 7.5 Hot Fix 16
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vRealize Operations 7.5 Hot Fix 16


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VMware Aria Suite


vRealize Operations 7.5 Hot Fix 16 is a public Hot Fix that addresses the following issues:
  • Adds the ability to apply a term license on top of a perpetual license.         
Note: In order to handle the subscription consumption properly, the subscription licenses should be applied only after applying a perpetual license.


VMware vRealize Operations Manager 7.5.x


vRealize Operations 7.5 Hot Fix 16 can be applied to any 7.5 environment.
Note: Upgrading from older versions directly to this Hot Fix is not supported.  You must upgrade to 7.5 before applying this Hot Fix.

Important: Take snapshots of each of the vRealize Operations nodes before applying the Hot Fix by following How to take a Snapshot of vRealize Operations.

  1. Download the vRealize Operations 7.5 Hot Fix 16 PAK file from the Broadcom Support Portal.

NOTE: You will need to login to the portal first then click the link above in order to allow download of the file.

Select the option below.
Release Name Release Date Build Number File Name
vROps-7.5.0-HF16 10/06/2021 18707824 vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-
  1. Log in to the primary node vRealize Operations Manager Administrator interface of your cluster at https://master-node-FQDN-or-IP-address/admin.
  2. Click Software Update in the left panel.
  3. Click Install a Software Update in the main panel.
  4. Follow the steps in the wizard to locate and install your PAK file.
  5. Install the product update PAK file.
    Wait for the software update to complete. When it does, the Administrator interface logs you out.
  6. Log back into the primary node Administrator interface.
    The main Cluster Status page appears and cluster goes online automatically. The status page also displays the Bring Online button, but do not click it.
  7. Clear the browser caches and if the browser page does not refresh automatically, refresh the page.
    The cluster status changes to Going Online. When the cluster status changes to Online, the upgrade is complete.

    Note: If a cluster fails and the status changes to offline during the installation process of a PAK file update then some nodes become unavailable. To fix this, you can access the Administrator interface and manually take the cluster offline and click Finish Installation to continue the installation process.
  8. Click Software Update to check that the update is done.
    A message indicating that the update completed successfully appears in the main pane.

Once the update is complete delete the snapshots you made before the software update.

Additional Information

Take snapshots of each of the vRealize Operations nodes before applying the Hot Fix.
See How to take a Snapshot of vRealize Operations for more information.