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How to add hub or probe licenses using the Infrastructure Manager (IM) in UIM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This kb article describes how to install or update hub&robot licenses via Infrastructure Manager.


UIM 8.x


Updating/Installing Licenses:

When you need to add a hub license you can copy the hub license string from the license file you received, e.g.,

nimbus-v1.0/ABC/*/55/21-mar-2014/SLY SHED FOR BOG FOWL XXX

into the hub GUI license window.

For probe licenses, if you already have them, you can copy them into a Wordpad document if necessary then select them all and drag and drop them into the Licenses window after you select the Licenses icon in the Infrastructure Manager. Then it should show you a message "Licenses Successfully Added"

Or you can rt-click on the Licenses window and choose 'Add License' and Import them.

There are few things to be aware of when trying to Add licenses via the Infrastructure Manager:

- one license per line
- ideally no spaces before or after the license line
- you can either copy/paste licenses into the Licenses window under the Archive or drag-n-drop to Archive from Wordpad.

Any licenses that failed to be added should show up in the Licenses window as a red key/expired.

If you don?t have specific licenses and don?t need/want one, then you can simply select the Licenses icon and rt-click and delete the existing license from the Licenses window.

If specific/special licenses should have been added, then please open a License Question case which will forward your request to the correct Support queue for Licenses as there may be some issue with the Licenses you received or are trying to add.

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Additional Information

You can also check UIM documents for similar instructions: Manage Licenses for CA UIM Components in Infrastructure Manager and Manage Hub and Probe Licenses